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"We are all connected through the universal language of dance, so let's use movement to start a movement."

                                                                -Quentin Robinson


Quentin is the founder of

Movements 4 Movements ‒ A

Non-profit organization that is dedicated to breaking social and economic barriers.

Using our universal language, he travels internationally to connect people abroad.

Through his own remarkable journey, Quentin shares how we all have the power to change the world with movement.

USMC Vet Quentin started dancing 21 years ago and went from crafting his passion for dance in a basement to performing in front of millions. He has since devoted his time to humanitar-ian causes and has traveled internationally to kicking off a documentary, and being involved with many other organizations such as Ronald McDonald Play House, Camp Make-A-Dream Soft Landing ect., Quentin believes that everyone, in their own way, can enjoy dance. He aims to make that possible through educating and uplifting everyone with the power of movement. He has captivated audiences at TEDx, Business Innovative Factory (BIF), Athena Pack 2019, VIDCON 2015-17, Placing 1st in VIBE 2016 dance competition open solo category, universities across the globe and various companies.


Breaking Barriers

Quentin's first installment of The Happy Project brought him to the Nakivale Settlement in Uganda to teach a dance workshop to a very talented group of refugee dancers. The relationships he formed with the inhabitants of Nakivale were born and nurtured through their participation in movement together. Nakivale was only the beginning, and now that the wheels are spinning, Quentin's plan to continuously take The Happy Project to as many places as he can, and create a lasting web of international connections as he does so. We can bring everyone in the world together through the power of dance. All you need is the will to move.

Aim for Your Success


Quentin had always tried living up to the expectations of the status quo and defining success as having tons of money and being a superstar at the top. The first step in aiming for success is to know yourself, and by finally taking the time to do so, he has been able to take charge of his career. There are no guarantees regarding the future, but your odds of success increase dramatically if you take time, think, plan, and act.

Manifest Your Visions


When Quentin started dancing most people told him that he would not succeed in making that into a profession. Aside from dance, every other profession he pursued he excelled, all the while never abandoning his passion for dance. Making that transition into such a saturated profession seemed just about impossible. However, instead of giving up, Quentin began a mission to create"Movements 4 Movements" in the world and build a global brand. There's a underlying message shared while this movement is happening.

The Future of Artistic Interactions

I believe that by using our universal language of dance and movement, we can dissipate social, cultural and economic barriers. By bringing live interaction in schools, workplaces, and refugee settlements, using Social media, which comes in many forms, including blogs, forums, business networks, photo-sharing platforms, social gaming, chat apps, and last but not least social networks. Sharing dance gives a firsthand LIVE look into each others' experiences. Lets use it in a positive manner.

"I've learned that people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel."


                                                     -Maya Angelou an American poet