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"Empowering Through Universal Movement: Established in 2018, Movements 4 Movements is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit. Our mission is to empower through movement, fostering empowerment, trust, unity, and expression. With a team of experienced individuals, we tackle cultural, economic, and social barriers using the universal language of movement. Support us by donating or joining our upcoming events and workshops.

Our story

breaking barriers

Whether you love an audience or enjoy dancing alone, most of us cherish joyful dance memories. The contagious joy of dance inspired M4M's mission. During a dance workshop at Uganda's Nakivale Refugee Settlement with the American Refugee Committee, we realized dance's power to overcome social barriers and provide crucial therapy in impoverished, traumatized communities. Dance, a universal language, unites us regardless of class, gender, race, or nationality.

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