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Nakivale Refugee reSettlement & Burundi 

In 2017, M4M Founder and Lead Facilitator, Quentin, had the opportunity to travel with American Refugee Committee (ARC) to Nakivale Settlement in Uganda as well as to Burundi, Uganda. Here, he taught dance, movement and expression workshops. Upon return to the United States, Quentin not only brought back this experience with him, but also a plan to inspire positive waves of change via the powerful language of movement. Quentin participated in community outreach in these locations by handing out various medical supplies and general necessities. Additionally, Quentin built a movement group and space with reflective material in order for the people in these areas to watch themselves dance. For a lot of them, this was the first time seeing themselves dance and move in their lives.



Women's Retreat

In 2019 M4M had the honor of leading a workshop for the women’s cancer retreat at Camp-Make-A-Dream in Gold Creek, MT. Through movement exercises focused on acknowledging individual strengths, the women were empowered to reclaim the connection to their bodies in a new way and find the confidence to express themselves.



In 2017, M4M Founder and Lead Facilitator, Quentin, spoke at TedxBozeman, part of the TEDx Programregarding how movement, the universal language, can break every kind of barrier imaginable. One of M4M's main offerings is motivational speaking. In his speech Quentin invites audience members to step into the experience of life, realizing that every chance not taken is a victory missed. 

Breaking Barriers with Quentin Robinson TedxBozeman

Roots Acro Sports Center

M4M team members, Sarah, Katie, and Quentin have all worked with Roots Acro Sports Center, a fantastic gymnastics, dance, trampoline, and acrobatics gym in Missoula, MT to provide movement opportunities for the Missoula youth. Whether it has been teaching a cartwheel to a child for the first time, or programming and teaching a performance with an audience of a few hundred people, each interaction was built off of the goal of boosting each child's confidence and awareness through the powerful language of movement.

Soft Landing Missoula

M4M partnered up with Soft Landing Missoula,local nonprofit organization focused on the long-term integration of refugee and immigrant families into the Missoula community, in order to facilitate movement opportunities with youth part of this organization's moral obligation group. Katie, M4M Program Director, and Quentin, M4M Founder and Lead Facilitator, taught dance workshops to groups of the youth while Sarah, M4M Marketing Director, taught gymnastics. M4M would like to thank Dave and Mara, the owners of Roots Acro Sports Center, for providing gym and studio space to make these movement opportunities come to life.


C.S. Porter Middle School

M4M partnered up with C.S. Porter Middle School in Missoula, Montana in order to facilitate a movement workshop that focused on unity among students and staff alike.

Missoula, Montana High Schools

M4M was given the opportunity to conduct movement workshops inside the public high schools of Missoula, Montana. These workshops emphasized trust between students.


Rhode Island

Business Innovation Factory (BIF) Summits (2018 + 2019)

Founder and Lead Facilitator, Quentin, was asked in both 2018 and 2019 to be a speaker at BIF Summit for that year. Each year BIF brings 30 storytellers and over 500 participants together to inspire each other via personal transformation stories. Quentin is honored to have been given several opportunities by BIF to speak about how his life and how the power of movement breaks down social, cultural, and economic barriers across the world.

Rhode Island


M4M Workshop in Phoenix, AZ

M4M conducted a movement workshop in Phoenix, AZ in 2019 that focused two individuals who were very different in nature. This workshop emphasized that when humans learn things, we have to take it in with an open point of view versus going off of what the behaviors and foundations we already know. This was expressed through movement when we asked each person to go back-to-back and to act each expressive word or feeling given to them. Every word given to this two individuals was acted out differently expect for one single word: love. Once the individuals were given love to act out, they both instinctually hugged themselves.  This workshops emphasizes M4M's core value of unity and how important it is to try and understand others for not what draws lines between us as individuals, but what draws circles around us as humans with endless similarities instead.



M4M Workshop in Atlanta, GA

M4M was given the opportunity to conduct a movement and expression workshop at an all-girls refugee school in Atlanta. This workshop focused on trust, expression, unity, and common ground. M4M is extremely passionate about supporting refugee resettlement in the United States. We love to work with refugee integration organizations, no matter its size.


m4m Workshops  

M4M has conducted movement and expression workshops, as well as facilitated community outreach, in Colorado, Utah, Washington, Oregon, California, and virtually during the global pandemic surrounding COVID-19. 

Intersted in a M4M workshop? Shoot us a line here.

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