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M4M aims to offer dance/movement therapy workshops to communities such as underfunded schools, boys' and girls' clubs, veterans suffering from Post Traumatic Stress, Native American reservations, treatment centers, refugee camps, and many more communities encountering social, economic, and cultural barriers. To date, we have partnered with and provided movement opportunities to Camp Mak-A-Dream MT for those battling cancer and to the families of those battling and/or lost a family member to cancer, in local schools, Youth HomesSoft Landing Missoula, and several other communities and organizations.

M4M can conduct a dance/movement therapy workshop with anywhere from two people to hundreds of individuals. Each M4M workshop typically lasts a day unless conducted at a school.

Please contact us if you interested in an M4M workshop.

M4M Dance/Movement Workshops:

Individual workshops

Retreat center workshops: We will develop a workshop to fit the focus of the retreat. Working in groups and with individuals. 

Small group workshops

Development of interpersonal skills workshop

Team-building company workshops

Youth homes workshops: M4M conducted a workshop with youth homes in Montana involving a series of songs. These workshops dealt with trust by partnering the youth together with each other and the adults around them. M4M used movement to dive into the stories we naturally build as humans. These workshops emphasized that if the adults can get a way to unlock their story, a better understanding will arise of who they are in order to understand the youths' stories better. Intent is always misconstrued by our own walks of life. Rather, when you know someone’s story you can translate for them much more accurately.

In depth exploration of self expression and healing multi-day intensive workshops

Residency workshops: classes and workshops.

In-school workshops: Student workshops, teacher and administrative workshops, student-teacher workshops and student-parent-teacher workshops. In these workshops we offer exercises to students, teachers, and parents to create a space where they are able to open up, express themselves, and learn skills to better connect with each other. 

Private workshops

Family workshops

Corporate workshops



M4M offers unique, multi-day movement and dance retreats. Our retreats are conducted with groups of people looking to conquer their own barriers. Through our team's decades of experience teaching and facilitating dance and movement, we will design a unique program for each retreat in order to best meet the needs and wants of each group. 

If you are interested in sponsoring a M4M retreat or in having a retreat done, please contact us.

M4M Retreats:

Mind/body retreat: A focus on embodiment and trusting yourself and your body

All-around retreat: A focus on connection with music, inner rhythm, who you are with an outlook on movement

Weekend retreat

Week-long retreat

M4M-hosted retreat

Build your own retreat



help us make movements 4 movements

M4M's sponsors allow us to travel across the globe to in order to facilitate expression and movement workshops to underserved communities encountering social, economic, and cultural barriers. We could not do what we do without our sponsors. Whether it is an annual workshop or one single event, our sponsors allow us to inspire movements for movements.

Interested in sponsoring M4M? Reach out below  and know that we appreciate you.



M4M strives to partner with organizations to bring movement and expression workshops to underserved communities across the globe. We aim to facilitate outreach in communities encountering social, economic, and cultural barriers. Examples of communities where M4M has previously conducted outreach include underfunded schools, boys' and girls' clubs, veterans suffering from Post Traumatic Stress, Native American reservations, youth homes, schools for refugee children in the United States, treatment centers, nonprofit organizations that focus on long-term refugee and immigrant resettlement in the United States, and refugee camps in Uganda.

Wherever M4M travels, our goal is to conduct movement and expression workshops in impoverished areas of each community.

Contact M4M if you know of a community encountering barriers or are interested in sponsoring a M4M workshop in a community.


motivational speaking


M4M Founder and Lead Facilitator, Quentin, has a plentitude of experience delivering motivational speeches as well as performances. Whether you would like him to visit your company and deliver a speech on how movement can break barriers between colleagues, or if you would like him to travel to your annual summit and deliver a speech and performance on the universal language of movement, shoot us a line. We will tailor each situation uniquely to your wants and needs

A few of Quentin's most impressive speech and performances were both his speeches at the Business Innovation Factory Summit in 2018 and 2019 where he was asked to be one of their storytelling speakers, or his speech part of the TEDx Program in 2017.

Contact M4M if you interested in our motivational speaking offering.

Check out some of Quentin's speeches:

Breaking Barriers with Quentin Robinson TedxBozeman

2018: Breaking Down Barriers Through Dance (BIF)

2019: Beyond Movement (BIF)

Motivational Speaking

one on one

M4M offers a unique one-on-one experience for individuals encountering an aliment or injury. Our one-on-one experience is a deeper dive into the barriers an individual is facing and how movement will help each person combat their physical barriers. Members of our team are not doctors or licensed physicians, yet with the decades of dance, movement, and yoga experience between us, we can create a space of awareness of movement for individuals seeking to overcome an aliment or injury.

Contact M4M if you are interested in our one-on-one offering.

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Interested in any of M4M's offerings? Complete the form below or shoot us a line at

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If you are interested in any of M4M's online classes, fill out this form and we will make sure the class link is sent your way.

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